hand_in_hand11 (hand_in_hand11) wrote in wekindahateyou,

I'm ugly!

1. So, who are you? I'm Angela/Spike/God, depending on how we met or how I'm feeling...and I'm feeling like a Spike right now.

2. Age? 18

3. Location, please? Illinios.

4. Why do you think you belong here? Cos inthismess ((I'm sorry, I forgot your name)) told me to

5. What are some of your musical interests? Hanson, Marilyn Manson, BSB, Moffatts, Otep, Kittie, Ozzy, Dope, SOiL, Shinedown, Michelle Branch, AFI, Orgy, Skinny Puppy, KISS, the Cure, Attrition, Voltaire.

6. Please explain why you chose these artists. How does one explain one's tastes? These are some of the bands I am more fond of.

7. What are a few of your hobbies? Hanson, writing fiction, writing notes/letters to friends, talking online, talking on the phone, obsessing, stalking.

8. What is your view on religion? Religion is there because mankind needs something to believe in, to feel important.

9. What is your view on drugs/alcohol? I'm not particularly fond of them, induced intoxication by chemicals.

10. What's your favorite movie? My First Mister

11. So, do you think Michael Jackson is guilty or innocent? Please explain. Guilty. Cos he doesn't have a nose.

12. Are you gay? Just about.

13. What is your view on homosexuals? I'm kosher w/them cos I'm nearly one.

14. Do you/have you ever like(d) the group Hanson? Why or why not? *laughs* Um, they're my favorite band...k, they OVER THREW Manson for favorite band.

15. What is your favorite food? Peanutbutter.

16. Have you ever been anorexic or bulimic? I went kinda 1/2 anorexic one summer, its a long story, and I tried to become bulimic, but throwing up just isn't cool.

17. Promote us, please. Now give us the link as to where you did your promoting. It'll prolly end up on www.polyjuice.net, but it's not there yet.

18. And finally, please post 3 pictures of your ugly self.

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