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im ugly

1. So, who are you? julia.. jul... thing... me?
2. Age? 14
3. Location, please? sydney.. australia
4. Why do you think you belong here? because i like the name (gay excuse).. and i kinda hate you ? =)
5. What are some of your musical interests? (You may list as little or as many as you'd like. Please just don't give us a genre, give us a band name, at least!) grunge. hip hop. rock.  umm nirvana, seether, red hot chilli peppers, n.e.r.d, live, nickelback... anything im not picky ... pluss more.
6. Please explain why you chose these artists. i like their sounds, their music inspires me and gives me more of an out look to life?..

7. What are a few of your hobbies? eating.. sleeping.. living?... going to the movies?.. amusement parks.. and going too thee beach.
8. What is your view on religion? every one has to have something to believe in.. and for some its religion? but if you prefer praying and spending many hours looking at a statue then why not?.. go ahead.. have fun.
9. What is your view on drugs/alcohol?i seriously have nothing against it... im sure every body is going to try them once? probaly even more.. but i think they're good.. as gay as it sounds but thats my view =)
10. What's your favorite movie? forrest gump.. (sad.. but beatiful moviE..loll)
11. So, do you think Michael Jackson is guilty or innocent? Please explain. i think hes guilty.. just look at his face.. its creepy.. not creepy-good.. creepy-bad.. he is probaly capable of anything and plus he has already admitted to sleeping in the same room as kids?
12. Are you gay? i think i am.
13. What is your view on homosexuals? im straight, and homosexuals are not much different.. its like religion.. they like people of the same genda sexually? so why not.. its their choice
14. Do you/have you ever like(d) the group Hanson? Why or why not? yeah.. they have groovy tunes !..
15. What is your favorite food? anything besides mushrooms.. i see food.. i eat food... -) preferably ice cream !
16. Have you ever been anorexic or bulimic? umm not that i remember.. no i havent
17. Promote us, please. Now give us the link as to where you did your promoting. my lj.  www.livejournal.com/users/xxlithiumexx

18. And finally, please post 3 pictures of your ugly self

okie doke.


 oh wat computers can do.




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