just another overdose. (brokenprincess9) wrote in wekindahateyou,
just another overdose.

im ugly!!!

1. So, who are you? ciara
2. Age? 17
3. Location, please? tennessee
4. Why do you think you belong here? uhm. because im ugly. duh.
5. What are some of your musical interests? (You may list as little or as many as you'd like. Please just don't give us a genre, give us a band name, at least!) nick cave and the bad seeds. sublime. queens of the stoneage. dinosaur jr.
6. Please explain why you chose these artists. because i love their music. and i love to listen to them really really loud and sing as loud as i can when no one else is around.
7. What are a few of your hobbies? hmm. i like to drive. im not that great at it, but im getting better, and i like to color.
8. What is your view on religion? organized religion is lame.
9. What is your view on drugs/alcohol? i dont do them anymore, so i think it sucks now. its just a way to hide your problems.
10. What's your favorite movie? rock and rule.
11. So, do you think Michael Jackson is guilty or innocent? Please explain. i think he is guilty. judging by previous incidents, i think he probably did it and no one wants to tell on him because hes micheal jackson and he will buy them a elephant or something cool.
12. Are you gay? nope.
13. What is your view on homosexuals? its cool. i dont care etiehr way. i mean. its your choice. and people who hate that are stupid.
14. Do you/have you ever like(d) the group Hanson? Why or why not? no. i never really got into them.
15. What is your favorite food? tuna melts!
16. Have you ever been anorexic or bulimic? no. im a fat chick. and i cant not eat. or throw up.
17. Promote us, please. Now give us the link as to where you did your promoting. my journal!
18. And finally, please post 3 pictures of your ugly self my photobucket hates me. but courtney knows what i look like!
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